Why is it important?

Transportation creates an inherent value for a property. The more linkages to transportation a site has, the more inherently valuable is that site. The transportation links could consist of walking, bicycling, car driving, train, and airport. Access and proximity to these links promotes convenience and creates value for residential properties that seek high rents, for office spaces seek talent and retail to determine prime locations.


Transportation data will help you understand opportunity cost that your customer is willing to forgo in order to travel between locations. I Residential rents will be lower when the commute to and from the place takes longer and when access point are few. An office tenant will likely move less if it is easily accessible for their employees.  A retail center is more likely to open at an intersection that has access to multiple linkages.


The Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Longitudinal Employer – Household Dynamics, US Census Bureau are excellent resources to explore transportation topics and it provides information about the infrastructure of the system, commuter time, system performance, traffic count For NYC, good traffic sources include  the NY Department of Transportation , NYC Future by Cart, NYC DOT.