Real Estate Research & Project (RES 9990)

This course provides the student with an overview of the seminal and current theoretical and empirical research in real estate economics and finance. The student will complete the course by presenting a research project at the conclusion of the course.

Spring 2017 Semester: RES 9990

As a component of Professor Glenn Erikson’s course curriculum in the Spring of 2017, his class began work on a guide intended to support future students and industry practitioners: How To Do Real Estate Research.

a Foundation for Real Estate Research

As students matriculate through the various Baruch Real Estate programs, it can be difficult to know where to begin researching your assigned projects. This website is the home of “How To Do Real Estate Research”, a guide that offers something of a compass. The discipline of real estate is so broad with so many opportunities, we are only able to cover a small segment of the available resources, but we’ve attempted to share a broad enough sample that further research should be greatly facilitated.

Our Mission

Provide a foundational guide for real estate students and practitioners seeking resources to conduct real estate research, resulting in an enhanced ability to develop and share key metrics and findings.

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